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This Dairy Brand Is Permanently Shutting Down After an E. Coli Outbreak

"We decided it was time to focus on our family life," the owners say.

By late June, health officials had confirmed 17 illnesses in an E. coli outbreak linked to yogurt made by Pure Éire Dairy. Now, the dairy is facing two lawsuits, and it is permanently shutting down, according to a Facebook post by the owners.

"As you are probably aware, our family has decided to move on to a new 'era' and have closed our dairy," the owners of Pure Éire Dairy wrote in the post. "We feel so fortunate to have gotten to live our little dream and run a successful business based on our personal beliefs."

The Washington State Department of Health earlier announced a multi-state E. coli outbreak on May 12 linked to the dairy's yogurt also sold under the "PCC Community Market" label. Of 17 confirmed patients, 10 were kids under 10 years old. Moreover, 10 patients also suffered from "such severe symptoms that they had to be admitted to hospitals," according to Food Safety News.

The outlet further detailed reports about the patients' health:

Of the 17 outbreak patients, four have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a type of kidney failure that can be fatal. Three of the patients live in Arizona and are thought to have become infected through person-to-person contact by visitors from Washington.

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Two of the impacted children's parents have filed a civil lawsuit alleging that both required hospitalization, and one even developed hemolytic uremic syndrome. It claims that the owners of Pure Éire Dairy were negligent for selling the yogurt. A second lawsuit similarly alleges negligence.

For their part, the owners maintain that the legal action did not impact their decision to shut down.

"We were not shut down by any of the state agencies, nor did we ever find an issue on the dairy," the owners added in their Facebook post. "We decided it was time to focus on our family life."

A state investigation remains ongoing, according to Food Safety News.

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