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Ryan Reynolds' New Cocktail Recipe Has the Most NSFW Name

In honor of Father's Day, the "Deadpool" star isn't shy about poking fun at the struggles of parenting.
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Finding the perfect Father's Day present is no small feat. He's already got a closet full of ties, there are only so many subscription boxes a person can try, and nobody—and we mean nobody—actually wants a paperweight. But this year, instead of making a mad dash to your local mall for a last-minute gift or falling back on the old reliable (and invariably unused) personalized coupon book, you've got a secret weapon in your corner… and his name is Ryan Reynolds.

Just in time for Father's Day, the Deadpool star and Aviation Gin co-owner is helping you give the dad in your life a gift he actually wants this year: a tall, stiff drink. In a hilarious new mixology tutorial, Reynolds, a father of three, reveals his personal recipe for "the mother of all cocktails."

What's his libation of choice called? The Vasectomy, of course.

Makes 1 serving

You'll Need

Tall Glass of Ice
1 oz. of Cranberry Juice
3 oz. of Tonic Water
Dash of Lemon Juice
1.5 oz. of Aviation American Gin

How to Make It

To make the cocktail, start with a tall glass of ice. "Fill it just the way children fill our lives with so much joy," says a visibly tense Reynolds in the video.

Next, add 1 oz. of cranberry juice, a drink that's "sweet, just like their little smiles." Follow this up with a 3-oz. pour of tonic water: "So bubbly, just like I feel every day waking up after a long, full night of sleep," says the star, looking just as well-rested as you'd expect any parent of young kids to be.

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Next comes a dash of lemon juice. "Fresh if you have a few mins to squeeze one, or store-bought if the little ones have you running around a bit today, the little scamps," says Reynolds. And, of course, what would a Father's Day cocktail be without the alcohol? The final ingredient is a 1.5-oz pour of Aviation American Gin, which Reynolds dubs "the world's highest-rated gin for the world's highest-rated job: dad."

Stir the ingredients together, garnish with a curl of orange rind, and voila! A perfect cocktail.

"Now, that is as refreshing as fatherhood," says a trembling Reynolds, taking a sip of his concoction.

If you want the proud papa in your life to enjoy a Vasectomy of his own, you can get a cocktail kit from that has all the staples you need to make the drink (save for the juice and garnish), including a 750-ml bottle of Aviation Gin, a cocktail mixer, four bottles of Fever Tree tonic water, a jigger, a menu, and a set of four Sourced plastic cups. The kit comes in 8- and 12-serving sizes, perfect for enjoying the occasional cocktail at home, or celebrating with Vasectomies for the whole gang. Cheers!

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