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This Fast-Casual Chain Is Opening Up In Walmart and Other Grocery Stores

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When you're shopping at Walmart, you won't be able to get a Big Mac anymore, since McDonald's recently announced that all of its in-store locations at the retailer will close. But don't worry, new eateries will take its place.

Saladworks, for instance, is aiming to open hundreds of locations inside Walmart and other grocery stores in the next few years, the CEO of the chain's parent company, WOWorks, Kelly Roddy, told Grocery Dive. This year, 25-30 full-service shops will open, and almost 100 more will open in 2022.

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WOWorks has been working towards its multi-year goal for a while, opening over 40 locations within the past year inside the likes of Kroger, Giant, and ShopRite stores. But, since shoppers continue to want more fresh and healthy options and self-service grocery salad bars are struggling, the company is going to take advantage by expanding even more.

In fact, thanks to an inked partnership, Saladworks will now be a part of most remodeled and new Giant grocery store locations moving forward.

Currently, the salad chain works with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Grocery Dive reports. But at these new grocery store locations, Saladworks food may even be available to order when you buy groceries via the grocery store's app or website. The chain also managed to open up 30+ of its own brick-and-mortar locations last year, despite the pandemic.

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