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This Massively Popular Burger Chain Just Added a New Line of Spicy Menu Items

Combining two classic American sauces.

It's summer 2021 and Shake Shack, for one, is leaning into the heat. As of this June, the chain has begun a slow and subtle rollout of an entire line of new menu items, all of which revolve around one common, spicy theme: buffalo sauce.

The popular chain is now offering an array of their traditional menu items, slathered in the sauce. Shake Shack fans can now get Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Buffalo Chicken Bites, and Buffalo Shroom Shack burgers, with all the same fixin's and for the same price (if not a negligible increase). The greatest part of this hot new line? Shake Shack fully recognizes that any great Buffalo-sauce delicacy deserves to be paired with ranch dressing, and as such, is subbing their usual sauces for ranch on the Buffalo items.

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What's unclear about this rollout is exactly when and where it's occurring. The brand has been strangely mum about the news, even opting out of a splashy marketing campaign for the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, which could have made waves amidst this summer's chicken sandwich wars. Although the items are set for a national release sometime this summer, as of this week they are only available in New York City's Upper East Side and West Village locations, along with the Glendale and Marina Del Rey locations in Los Angeles county.

According to sources at the West Village location, the Buffalo sauce theme is Shake Shack's current seasonal offering, replacing the former, somewhat controversial Korean-style menu items. And as reported by ChewBoom, the Marina Del Rey location noted the lineup will only be available for a "super short time." So Shake Shack's plans for the new additions remain vague in terms of when and where. As for us, we've already tried the new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich—here's what we thought of it.

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