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Sure Signs Your Nervous System Isn't as Strong as it Should Be

Neurologist shares five signs that indicate you could have a nerve condition.
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Your nervous system affects every part of your health and guides almost everything you do, including how you think and feel. It works as your body's command center and when it's in trouble, your overall well-being is at risk. "It is essential for your existence, the part of your body or organ that makes you who you are, what you like, how you think, how you talk, how you walk etc. in a word to be you, " Dr. Ignacio Carrillo Nunez, Neurologist with Dignity Health St Mary tells us. Taking care of your nervous system by controlling diabetes–high blood sugar can damage your nerves, eating healthy and seeing your doctor regularly helps as well as knowing the signs of a nerve condition to watch out for. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had COVID.


What to Know About the Nervous System

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Dr. Carrillo-Nunez tells us, "Imagine it like the main software of a computer, the system or component that makes your body work. It does millions of calculations per millisecond, calculating distance, movement, sending signals to other organs, receiving signals for instance of the pressure of a needle poking your skin. At the same time making you think or worry about your mom, kids and if you are eating also helps send stimulation to the salivary gland to prepare for your next bite, etc. etc. etc."


What Causes Your Nervous System to Dysregulate?

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Dr. Carrillo-Nunez says, "Infections, tumor, degeneration of brain cells of neurons, hereditary conditions, strokes, vitamins deficiencies, toxic chemicals etc even emotional stressors make your brain not work properly."


Not Able to Think Properly, Forgetfulness, Poor Attention Span, Speech Difficulties

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Dr. Carrillo-Nunez shares these signs, "May indicate that parts of your brain are not functioning correctly. A visit with a doctor specializing in diseases that affect the nervous system (Neurologist) would be the first approach, the doctor would then may order a series of blood tests, brain scan or electrophysiological studies like an electroencephalogram to check the electrical activity of the brain."


Paralysis or Weakness

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Dr. Carrillo-Nunez, "Acute or sudden paralysis is usually associated with a stroke or brain attack. It requires an emergency visit to the ER. If stroke is the cause, treatments are available. Not requesting immediate medical attention may leave them with major disabilities. There are many other causes but stroke remains the most likely cause."


Severe Headache

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Dr. Carrillo-Nunez says, "It tells us something is really irritating the brain, could be an intracranial hemorrhage, a severe infection, or a tumor."



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"This usually indicates a focus or small area of irritation in a group of brain cells which then send electrical discharges like short circuits to other cells, causing the person to convulse, losing consciousness etc,"  Dr. Carrillo-Nunez tells us.


Difficulty or Inability to Speak, Write, Read or Understand Verbal Commands

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Dr. Carrillo-Nunez states, "Impairment or deficits in these functions, helps a neurologist to be able to identify the affected area of the brain,  so listening to the patient talk or history is an important part of a neuro exam. Just by hearing the patient talk during a doctor visit, the neurologist could determine if the patient has a problem and what part or where in the brain is the problem."

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