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This App Is Giving 50 Pizza Fans a Year's Worth of Free Pizza

Imagine getting paid to eat pizza!

Imagine getting paid to eat pizza in pizza instead of cash. Does that sound like the ultimate dream job? Well, an app that helps Americans find independent pizza shops might be on the cusp of making all of your wildest fantasies come true.

Slice just launched the P.I.E. Society, which bolsters the "promotion of independents everywhere." What is the objective of this so-called society? Well, Slice is looking for 50 pizza fans—one from every state to be exact—to serve as their state's "Head of Pizza."

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As "Head of Pizza," you'll be compensated in the form of a year's worth of free pizza. (In total, these weekly $25 credits add up to $1,300 in pie!) Plus, you'll also get a $500 travel stipend and a content creation kit to help fuel and document your journey crisscrossing the state.

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Now, for the list of job responsibilities! They include:

  • Eat pizza,
  • Visit and/or order from new pizza shops every week,
  • Capture content that shares the unique story behind the pizza,
  • Evangelize your state's best pizzerias,
  • Eat more pizza,
  • And revisit the first and fifth responsibilities.

This gig doesn't seem half bad, right?! If you're interested, Slice is accepting applications for the gig now through July 30. If you love supporting small businesses and are eager to try all of the different styles of pizza (and pizza toppings!) in your state, then consider applying to be an official "Head of Pizza."

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