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Starbucks Is Making This Major Move to Fight COVID

The beloved coffee chain is helping roll out the vaccine in its home state.

This just in: America's most beloved coffee chain is helping roll out the COVID-19 vaccine in the state of Washington.

Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday announced his new plan to significantly ramp up Washington's vaccination efforts, setting a goal of vaccinating as many as 45,000 state residents a day. In addition, the governor lowered the age of eligibility for the coronavirus vaccine from 70 to 65. (Related: The One Vitamin Doctors Are Urging Everyone to Take Right Now.)

Inslee also created what's called the Washington State Vaccine Command and Coordination Center (WSVCCC)—a new statewide public and private partnership to improve the distribution of the vaccine. This is where Starbucks comes into play, as it's one of the stakeholders in the WSVCCC.

"This is a massive effort, and as noble as any cause will be in 2021: Because this is the year we choose to get vaccinated, Washington," Inslee said in a press conference. "We are removing as many impediments as possible to Washingtonians getting vaccinated. We are going to deliver every dose that comes into our state. We will still be dependent on the federal government for doses, but we are doing everything we can once it gets here."

With foundations in Seattle, the coffee giant assigned 11 of its employees who have "expertise in labor and deployment operations and research and development" to work with the state government on distribution efforts, according to NBC News.

"This is an opportunity to serve others and have impact on a significant humanitarian effort," Starbucks President and CEO Kevin Johnson said in a statement. "Governor Inslee has convened some of the best public and private resources and capabilities to engage in a concerted effort to optimize and accelerate the vaccination process across our home state. We are proud to contribute in every way we can to help operationalize and scale equitable access to the vaccine."

Perhaps the chain's engagement at the state level will expand in coming weeks to help boost vaccination efforts nationwide. Until then, be sure to read 28 Secrets From Starbucks Employees.

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