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Starbucks Announces When It's Dropping Masks for Vaccinated Customers

Exciting news if you're vaccinated and want to start your week with a Starbucks stop.

Here's something to get your Monday morning moving with a little more pep: If you're looking forward to a Starbucks run, the coffee chain has just announced when vaccinated customers can go mask-free. Here are the details.

Last Thursday's end to the national masking mandate was an exciting turn of events for the 37% of Americans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. By close of business on Friday, several major grocery chains had updated their masking policies to reflect the national change… but many news reports still asked the question: When can you stop wearing a mask inside Starbucks if you're vaccinated?

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The answer is now clear: Starbucks has lifted its masking requirement for vaccinated customers in the U.S. starting today—Monday, May 17. About their loosening of the mask requirement, Starbucks stated on their website's blog:

"With widespread vaccine availability and the ongoing progress against COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now recommending that fully vaccinated people can resume indoor activities without wearing a mask, except where required by local regulations or law. As such, facial coverings will be optional for vaccinated customers beginning Monday, May 17, unless local regulations require them by law.

The coffee chain noted, however, that the in-store experience will continue to look a little different than it did pre-pandemic. It's been reported that currently, Starbucks staff will still be required to wear their face masks, while the chain also said as part of the mask-lifting announcement: "As we continue to ensure the health and well-being of our partners and customers, our restrooms generally remain temporarily closed to the public in stores where the café or café seating is unavailable."

If you're heading to Starbucks today, just don't do what these customers did. Also read:

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