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Taco Bell Just Made This Major Announcement About Its Menu

Major news for breakfast lovers!

For some, this may be the biggest news to come out of Taco Bell this year. The chain just announced it will soon bring back a beloved section of its menu that was discontinued during the pandemic. And they've tapped superstar rapper and ex-Taco Bell employee Lil Nas X to help spread the word.

Taco Bell will soon be serving breakfast again! Dedicated to those fans who start craving breakfast and planning for it in the evening, the chain will reinstate several popular breakfast items.

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The full menu will include:

  • Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito (starting at $1.29): Made with eggs, nacho cheese sauce and sausage
  • Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito (starting at $2.19): Offers a choice of bacon or sausage, eggs, three-cheese blend and a hash brown
  • Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito (starting at $2.89): Includes a double serving of scrambled eggs (compared to the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito), three-cheese blend, potato bites, pico de gallo, and fans' choice of bacon or sausage

The items will be available at 90% of Taco Bell's nationwide locations by mid-September.

Lil Nas X will have a cameo in Taco Bell's new breakfast campaign ad, but that's hardly the end of his partnership with his once-employer. The musician is being awarded an honorary title of Chief Impact Officer, which will "allow him to collaborate on the brand experience from the inside out." According to the chain's press release, fans can expect more exclusive experiences featuring Lil Nas and exciting menu innovations in the near future.

Taco Bell has also recently announced a revolutionary new design for its restaurants, which will feature bigger and better drive-thru lanes and a new vertical design.

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