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Taco Bell Just Launched These New Tacos

New hybrid taco-sandwich alert!

Taco Bell is known for having a dynamic menu. The chain regularly adds new items, removes and replaces older ones, and continues to bring back past favorites. For example, the company recently brought back the super popular Nacho Fries. On the other hand, Mexican Pizza seems to have gotten the boot permanently, at least for the time being.

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And sure enough, Taco Bell has another innovation in store, this time in the taco category. The chain has just rolled out three new Flatbread Tacos, which have a "pillow-y" vessel resembling pita bread holding all the ingredients instead of a tortilla—kind of reminiscent of the recently tested Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. And they look heftier, too, like they're somehow more filling than a regular taco, but not quite at the sandwich level.

The Flatbread Tacos come in three flavors:

The best part? All three options are on the chain's value menu and are priced accordingly. The Beefy taco currently sells for $1.00 and packs in 310 calories, whereas the Chicken and Black Bean versions are priced at $1.49 and come with 270 and 280 calories, respectively.

While Taco Bell didn't specify how long the new hefty taco-sandwich hybrids will be around, it's probably a safe bet to try them as soon as possible, since we predict this could be a limited-time offer (in true Taco Bell fashion).

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