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Taco Bell Is Opening More Locations In This State

The reason for Taco Bell's new locations is hilarious... and kind of genius.

Got the munchies? Hit the drive-thru. No matter where you stand on the weed legalization debate, you kind of can't blame some businesses for smelling fresh opportunity. That seems to be the case in one U.S. state, where franchisees are opening a number of new Taco Bell locations in the wake of legalization news.

The Mahopac News out of Mahopac County, New York reports that fast-food restaurants in the area are ramping up for some major jumps in business. That appears to be thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana, the local paper says, as some McDonald's in this area just outside of New York City are rolling up their sleeves to put permanent delivery service in place.

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But some Taco Bell owners in the region are going way bigger. The news outlet reports: "The owners of the Taco Bell in the hamlet of Carmel have filed three more site plan applications for new restaurants throughout the town, including two in Mahopac and one in Mahopac Falls." This, as the number of marijuana dispensaries in the area is growing like weeds… with some even offering delivery themselves.

So hey, the new Taco Bell openings are all just to service demand. Because nothing says "good for business" like a Chalupa Cravings Box, some fiesta potatoes, and a bag of cinnamon twists when cravings hit.

Taco Bell is among the fast-food chains that are leading the charge on innovation in the wake of COVID-19: Check out how running south of the border will soon be possible by text.

Correction: A previous version of this story reported that a spokesperson for Taco Bell's parent company, Yum! Brands, had commented on the new store plans. Taco Bell has reached out to confirm that they did not comment on this matter. We have also learned from the source, the Mahopac News, that this article was published an April Fool's Day stunt that was not disclosed in their original publication.

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