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Taco Bell Just Opened a Futuristic New Location In This Major City

A first-of-its-kind cantina puts the future of the brand on full display.

Taco Bell has recently announced plans for a restaurant redesign that will prioritize digital elements for their on-the-go customers. And one such futuristic location, which utilizes contactless features, has just been unveiled in New York City.

The beloved fast-food chain is cutting the ribbon on its very first digital-only U.S. restaurant today, located in none other than the city's Times Square area, a prime location for brand peacocking and offbeat customer attractions. And naturally, this restaurant puts on full display the high-tech vision that Taco Bell has for its future.

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The Times Square Cantina, located in the iconic Paramount Building, will only be fulfilling digital orders. Customers will have to place orders through their phone apps or at one of the ten self-order kiosks, and pick them up at the checkout counter or from one of the code-operated automated cubbies. This location will also sell Taco Bell merch, like keychains, pins, and pens, which can be ordered through the digitized kiosks.

The chain's cantina concept has been around for several years and is a way for Taco Bell to entice its urban customers. These locations provide a more upscale experience by serving specialty alcoholic beverages and providing a view of the open kitchen reminiscent of high-end restaurants. From time to time, you'll also find exclusive menu items on offer.

The new Times Square location follows the recent opening of the chain's first drive-thru cantina operated by a franchisee in Danville, Calif., which has seen great success with its outdoor socializing area. Both restaurants bring Taco Bell a step closer to reaching its ambitious goal of 10,000 global restaurants in the next decade.

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