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Taco Bell Has Two Hot New Items On the Menu

With an all-new spicy sauce.

After announcing the return of their viral Nacho Fries, one of their most popular limited-time offers in history, in July, Taco Bell is now kicking it up a notch and taking these fries places they've never been before. Spicy places.

According to Taco Bell's website, the beloved chain is currently testing two new menu items involving the fries at several locations in Chicago, Ill. And we all know that when Taco Bell decides to roll out a limited test, the item will more likely than not end up on nationwide menus at some point in the near future.

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The new White Hot Ranch Fries build up on Nacho Fries with the addition of several toppings: your choice of seasoned beef or marinated steak, plus nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, White Hot Ranch sauce, and low-fat sour cream.

Even better? Roll the whole thing up in a flour tortilla, and you'll get the new White Hot Ranch Fries Burrito.

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Courtesy of Taco Bell

Both items are retailing for the suggested price of $2.99.

And if you're wondering what this White Hot Ranch Sauce is, you're absolutely spot on. It's a new sauce Taco Bell is debuting for this limited-time test, made with a blend of ghost chili peppers and cool creamy buttermilk. It sounds like an explosion of hot and cool in your mouth, which could make for a unique combo unlike anything else Taco Bell currently has on offer.

While the chain is continually innovating and upgrading its menu, you may come across a location that won't be able to fulfill your most basic order. According to recent reports, the chain has been facing nationwide ingredient shortages causing spotty availability of things like beef, chicken, 10-inch tortilla wraps, and even hot sauce. So you may have to take your beef burrito craving elsewhere.

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