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This Target Location Has Stopped Selling Food After Rat Infestation Problem

The viral video of rodents on shelves at a Virginia store is a nightmare for the retailer and its customers.

One Target location is scurrying for solutions after a video has gone viral showing rats looking a little too comfortable in the grocery section. Target's corporate office has responded, but this video of rats inside a Target is pretty awful proof that there are some things we just can't un-see.

A TV news station in Youngstown, Ohio reported that, on March 17, the 30-second video was originally posted on a Facebook user's page to reveal rats exploring the grocery department of a Target store in Hampton, Virginia. Three weeks later, as the news is exploding to make headlines, it's not clear whether the individual who posted the video was a customer, employee, or otherwise. In any case, it seems tough to deny these two critters were doing a decent job of familiarizing themselves with the food on display.

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Check out the video for yourself here:

In response to the video of rats at Target, a spokesperson from Target's Minneapolis headquarters has appropriately come out to say that food sales at this location have been paused. The spokesperson also stated on behalf of the retailer's location: "We apologize for any inconvenience and invite our guests to visit our nearby store on Jefferson Avenue in Newport News for food needs. We appreciate the efforts of our team and partners to resolve this situation as soon as possible."

While gross and unfortunate, this is not an entirely uncommon problem for stores that sell groceries or food (remember this rat infestation problem at a fast-food chain in New York City?). Still, it's not a great look for the brands we frequent for our essential needs.

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