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This Dine-In Burger Chain Will Expand With 300 New Locations

Following in the ghost kitchen footsteps of Wendy's and BurgerFi.

Following the footsteps of Wendy's, BurgerFi, and dozens of other fast-food and dine-in restaurant chains, TGI Fridays will be expanding its reach with hundreds of new locations through ghost kitchens.

The chain announced that its burgers, steaks, and iconic appetizer plates will be available at 300 ghost kitchens operated by Reef Technology, one of the fastest-growing ghost kitchen hubs in the industry. Reef's locations in the United States, Canada, and other international markets will onboard TGI Fridays menus over the next five years.

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This year, the partnership will launch the first 50 locations, with its inaugural one opening in Miami, while about half of the 300 new locations will be opening abroad. Reef will serve as the dine-in chain's franchisee.

"Our partnership with REEF brings with it a unique opportunity to deliver Fridays to more guests around the world," said TGIF CEO Ray Blanchette. "REEF is essentially a launching pad to deliver that Fridays feeling while prioritizing convenience and quality."

TGI Fridays currently operates about 850 units, 340 of which are spread out throughout the United States, according to Restaurant Business. The deal will bring TGI's menu items to underserved markets across the country, where customers will be able to get takeout from Reef's restaurant-less, delivery-only parking lot locations. The pod-like units serve urban communities without expensive brick-and-mortar stores.

The ghost kitchen operator has also onboarded brands like Nathan's Famous, 800 Degrees Pizza, and Bennigan's. Most recently, it announced a major new partnership with Wendy's, and the burger chain will be opening 700 ghost kitchen locations worldwide in the coming years.

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