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This is America's #1 Favorite Organic Food in Grocery Stores's not a produce item!

The pandemic shook up everyone's grocery list, and ever since then, organic foods have been on the rise. After a year of record sales, we know exactly what America's favorite organic food is — and you won't find it with the fruits and vegetables.

Since cooking, working, and staying home have been the themes of the past year, it makes sense that the easier breakfast, lunch, or dinner is, the better. And so it comes to no surprise that pre-packaged salads are the organic food that shoppers are reaching for the most. The category brought in $385 million this January through March, according to the Organic Produce Network, and beat out organic berries, apples, herbs and spices, and carrots to round out the top 5.

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The salad sales jump of about 9.5% during the first of this year compared to January through March 2020 mirrors what all organic sales did all of last year…and years before. In 2019, total sales of organic food topped $55.1 billion.

At the beginning of 2020 (like most other things before the pandemic) it was also trending up, but once lockdowns were issued and panic grocery buying started, organic food sales skyrocketed by 50%, according to the Organic Trade Association. All of the top organic foods are also outpacing regular produce sales, which rose only 2.9% from January to March, according to Supermarket News.

If all this news is leaving you intrigued but you don't know where to start when buying organic, here's the difference between non-GMO and organic. Plus, here's the fruits and vegetables you should definitely buy organic.

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Amanda McDonald
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