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This Will Be the #1 Pizza Chain in 2021, Experts Say

Domino's hopes to secure the title of largest pizza brand on the planet.

Since its founding in Ypsilanti, Mich. in the early 1960s, Domino's Pizza has grown to be the largest pizza chain in the United States and a major player in the international fast-food scene, with more than 17,000 locations spread across more than 90 countries, according to data from Investopedia.

It is also the #1 pizza chain in America based on revenue. For most of last year, Domino's managed to pull off the impossible—increase their year-over-year sales during the pandemic, when most food service businesses were struggling. In Q3, the company had seen a whopping 17.5% increase in sales, marking a decades-long record for the company. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.)

But the pizza giant's ambitions are even greater, as the brand is looking to become "a dominant No. 1," according to CFO Stu Levy. And indeed the company has plans to do just that in coming years, eyeing a rapid expansion in both domestic and international markets.

As of late last year, Domino's Pizza had 6,239 locations in the United States, but according to company research, the domestic market is far from saturated, and the company sees room for a total of 8,000 Domino's restaurants across America.

On the international scene, Domino's currently has approximately 8,550 stores, but is confident that number can be expanded to some 13,750 in the coming years, an increase of about 5,200 locations.

In some markets, the plans for expansion are relatively modest. For example, Japan already has about 740 Domino's stores to which the company hopes to add some 260 for a total of 1,000 Japanese locations. In others, such as France, Germany, or China, the company sees an opportunity for hundreds of new locations.

"If you look longer term, we fully expect a market like China, at some point, [is] going to be our second-largest market behind the U.S.," said Levy.

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Steven John
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