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This Town Desperately Wants a Trader Joe's, But It's Not Happening

The grocery chain says residents will have to wait...

Most shoppers won't have to look far before encountering one of Trader Joe's many locations scattered across the United States. But the grocery store chain's heavy expansion has left one Pennsylvania county feeling unnoticed.

With over 500 stores in over 40 states, the company has seen tremendous growth since its inception, with several stores opening up in the last few months. Despite its massive growth, residents of Lancaster County, Penn. won't be seeing a Trader Joe's location any time soon.

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"Lancaster County's population has grown and residents' median income has risen …" but the growth seemingly wasn't enough to earn a store in that location, according to Lancaster Online.

The setback hasn't stopped the people of Lancaster County from making their voices heard. The Facebook page "Bring Trader Joe's to Lancaster, Pennsylvania" has amassed almost 4,900 followers. The account has been active for years, with posts dating all the way back to 2019.

Their efforts haven't gone completely unnoticed, however, as it has garnered a response from the company's vice president of marketing, Tara Miller.

"There's no plan currently to open a store in Lancaster County but that plan is always evolving…" Miller told Lancaster Online. "…And it's based on a whole host of factors that we keep as a proprietary formula so that we're not sharing with our competitors what we're trying to do."

Even though there's no solid expectation of a TJ's arrival, members of the Facebook page continue to keep hopes high ever since the announcement of a closer location coming to the Harrisburg area. "It's not Lancaster, but it's darn close!!!!" was the account's reaction to the news. The people of Lancaster county still hope to see a Trader Joe's store in the area soon.

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