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Trader Joe's Is Making This Bold COVID Move

Its new policy is more progressive than other grocery stores.

As more and more grocery store chains begin to roll out the coronavirus vaccine to the first groups of individuals eligible to obtain the shot, Trader Joe's revealed that it would give employees incentives to get theirs.

Schedules will be shifted to allow its more than 50,000 workers who decide to get vaccinated to do so, Trader Joe's told the Associated Press. Moreover, employees will be paid the equivalent of two hours of work per dose.

Right now, Trader Joe's employees are also receiving $2/hour of additional pay. For both the Moderna and the Pfizer shots, recipients will need two doses for the vaccines to work, according to the Centers for Disease and Control. (Another way to stay healthy during the pandemic is to consume The One Vitamin Doctors Are Urging Everyone to Take Right Now.)

The grocery chain announced 1,250 positive cases of COVID-19 among its crew members at the end of October 2020, including two deaths. Of those with a positive case, 95% completed quarantine, recovered, and returned to work.

Safety measures Trader Joe's is taking to care for crew members and customers include: additional paid-for sick time for all employees, crew member wellness checks, enhanced routine cleanings, hygiene reminders, mandatory face coverings, plexiglass barriers, and more.

Unlike Trader Joe's, other grocery store chains aren't giving employees incentives for getting the vaccine. Kroger is not requiring its workers to be vaccinated, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. But companies can require employees to get vaccinated, though there are some accommodations, according to the AP.

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Amanda McDonald
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