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This Viral In-N-Out Item Doesn't Actually Exist, the Chain Says

A series of viral TikTok videos conspired to get us excited about a rumored chicken sandwich.

In-N-Out's "secret menu" is one of the worst kept secrets in the fast-food world, and that's all part of the shtick. In fact, they even call it the "Not So Secret Menu" on their website. So while no, you won't see options like "Animal Style" or "Triple-Triple" on the regular menu posted at a restaurant, the company very much wants you to know these and more are options at a customer's disposal.

But one thing you won't find on any In-N-Out menu anywhere is a chicken sandwich. Despite recent claims of the coveted sandwich being available at the popular chain, which were made in a series of TikTok videos, In-N-Out has not entered the chicken sandwich wars. The company remains staunchly and entirely a burger chain.

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One such TikTok video, from a user named @andynot2021, says: "Today I am ordering a chicken sandwich from In-n-Out from their secret menu." The short video then goes on to show the customer ask for a chicken sandwich—the face of the employee he addresses cannot be seen, nor a response heard, but after an obvious cut and resumption of footage, the customer steps away holding a platter with a chicken sandwich wrapped up in In-N-Out packaging.

@andynot2021##innoutburger ##secretmenuitems ##chickensandwich ##burger♬ IN-N-OUT – T3rae

But before you get too excited, these videos have been revealed as complete hoaxes (or pranks, as some are calling them). Semantics aside, the chain definitely does not offer a chicken sandwich or any other chicken products at present, and in a statement, the company made it clear they have no plans to change that any time soon, if ever.

An In-N-Out corporate spokesperson was quoted by News Channel 6 as saying that the company plans on sticking to its core burger menu. "We remain committed to serving just those menu items in order to allow us to keep our intense focus on the quality of the products we serve," the statement said.

Fortunately, customers have a large and ever-growing range of chicken sandwiches available from other fast-food chains, should they need a break from burgers.

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