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This Popular Salad Dressing Brand Just Gave Its 22 Flavors a Major Makeover

And soon they'll change up their coffee creamers, condiments, and dips.

In the salad dressing aisle, it can take a lot for a dressing to dazzle you. The delicious-sounding kinds often seem loaded with crazy amounts of fat and calories, and many of the healthier choices seem a little less exciting… or filled with artificial ingredients. Now, one recognizable brand is addressing those issues with a serious change to its formula that manages to hit a lot of good notes.

Check out which grocery store brand is upping the salad dressing game—and, don't miss this weekend's report on 8 New Food Recalls You Should Know About Right Now.

"We heard you. We're listening."


That's the new welcome message on the Walden Farms website. The New Jersey-based condiments company recently announced a re-branding initiative across their full line of products.

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Walden Farms made their salad dressings the first plan of attack.


For the first phase of the re-brand, the company says they harnessed a team of culinary and nutrition pros to clean up and slim down what's inside their salad dressing bottles.

Now, Walden Farms' creamy and vinaigrette recipes are free from artificial flavors and dyes, made with real vegetables, fruit fibers, and ingredients.

That's not all.

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Now, Walden Farms dressings are also better for your waistline.


Walden Farms says their new salad dressing formula delivers zero calories, zero net carbs, zero sugar, and zero fat.

The brand says they're also free of high fructose corn syrup, dairy, and cholesterol.

Plus, they're friendly to most diets.

watermelon salad

Walden Farms adds that you can enjoy their dressings even if you're diabetic, avoiding gluten, or eating vegan, kosher, low-carb (they say this includes the keto diet).

A few of the flavors that just turned healthier:

walden farms italian salad dressing

If you're a fan of this dressing brand, here are just a few of the 22 flavors the brand says you'll discover to be different: Bacon Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Chipotle Ranch, French, Honey Dijon, Italian, Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Sesame Ginger, and Thousand Island.

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If all this sounds appetizing…

Walden Farms says following the salad dressing upgrade, they're now onto re-formulating their coffee creamers, breakfast and ice cream syrups, BBQ sauce, dessert dips, condiments (mayonnaise, ketchup, and more), and spreads made of fruit and nuts.

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