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45% of People Start Walking More Once They Have This Health Scare, New Data Shows

A new survey reveals this upsetting news can trigger changes in your lifestyle habits—and fast.

As Americans try their best to live a healthy lifestyle, there are still major obstacles. Finding enough time, navigating the financial demands, and maintaining motivation can all make the journey feel like an unreachable goal. In spite of these challenges, focusing on a balance between healthy choices on a daily basis, as well as establishing long-term habits, can be the most beneficial.

In a new study done by Naturade, a vegan nutritional company, 2,005 people took a survey (on OnePoll) where they were asked what their biggest priorities are when it comes to health and wellness. Over half of the respondents said that they took a greater interest in making the changes towards a healthier lifestyle after they or someone they knew was diagnosed with a disease. The typical lifestyle changes of these 1,604 respondents "included eating more fresh produce (67%), taking multivitamins (52%), and walking more (45%)."

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Physical activity may not be everyone's favorite healthy habit to implement into everyday life. However, in the survey, "59% of all respondents said they exercise more than three times a week." While there may be other hurdles on the road to a healthier lifestyle, a big majority of Americans are attempting to energize their body with movement alongside making dietary changes.


Another great step in creating a more wholesome lifestyle can be eating healthy meals throughout the week, but it comes with certain challenges as well. The survey found that 59% of respondents notice the cost of eating healthy is high and not nearly as accessible as eating fast food. In fact, "only 22% of those polled know of a nearby grocery store that sells affordable, good-quality fresh produce." Most respondents live in cities and expressed that it's more inconvenient to continue eating healthy over time due to the fact it comes at such a steep cost.

The difficulty of not being able to find healthy food options discourages many people so much that they resort to cheaper alternatives. Respondents of the survey say they eat fast-food or junk food "just under three times a week on average, while another 24% indulge five or more times a week."

Sustaining long-term health is critical for many Americans, especially considering that "80% of respondents know someone with a lifestyle-related disease (like type 2 diabetes or heart disease) or suffer from one themselves." It's good news that such a health scare motivates most people to get up and start walking, as well as make other positive lifestyle changes.

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Jordan Summers-Marcouillier
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