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This Major Walmart Rumor is False, Company Says

The new "nationwide" rule is only happening in one state.

A rumor that Walmart is getting rid of bags starting on July 1 has been circulating around the internet since early June, but it's false…kind of. Yes, America's largest grocery chain is technically not providing customers with single-use plastic bags, but only in one state.

One story about the ban racked up thousands of comments and shares on social media, but made no mention of the important detail that only customers in Maine will have to bring reusable bags or opt for a paper one from now on, USA Today says. The story posted by a radio station in Maine even had Walmart employees fooled. One reportedly posted: "Starting July 1st we are going bagless at every Walmart…Bring your own bags and remember we just work here so try to hold back your frustration just a bit."

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In 2019, Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill that places a ban on single-use plastic bags at all grocery and retail stores, restaurants, and other markets. "With that ban soon taking effect, Walmart is converting all Maine stores to bagless on July 1," the Walmart communications director, Charles Crowson, told USA Today, noting it fits in with the company's sustainability efforts. (These have been criticized recently, though.)

He added that a nationwide rollout is not in the cards right now, but other states are making a push to also get rid of plastic bags. "A similar initiative began in Vermont four months ago and was well-received by customers there," Crowson said.

Other Rollouts are happening from coast to coast, though. The CEO of Walmart U.S. recently said price cuts and deals on summer favorites are the top priority right now in order to keep people shopping post-pandemic.

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