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This New Walmart Program Can Help You Find Healthier Groceries

The initiative is helping customers find food and household products that are good for their health and the planet.

When you go to Walmart, you likely expect to get a good deal—whether you're shopping in the home goods department or in the grocery section. But do you also expect to get a high-quality, healthy, and sustainable product at that low price?

Walmart recently launched Built for Better, a program that identifies which products are better for your health and the planet. In this initiative, the retail giant helps customers find anything from foods to personal care products and cleaning items that have earned the Environmental Working Group (EWG) VERIFIED mark.

The EWG VERIFIED mark signifies a product is free of the chemicals that the nonprofit organization has flagged as a concern to human health. It's one of the 30 external certifications Walmart has on its products to indicate they're made in an environmentally conscious way—and one that also keeps your personal well-being in mind, too.

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You can tell which items have the certification by looking for the Built for Better — For You icon.

"For many of our customers, living better means shopping intentionally and prioritizing brands and products that align with the things that matter to them, whether it be healthy foods, clean living or sustainability," Jane Ewing, senior vice president of sustainability at Walmart wrote in a statement.

"But we know shopping with purpose often takes extra time. It requires researching products and reading labels, all of which can be overwhelming for our busy customers," Ewing adds.

Now when you go to Walmart or shop online, you can easily navigate which products have passed rigorous criteria to earn that EWG VERIFIED mark.

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