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Walmart Just Made This Major Change to Its Holiday Services

Grocery shopping for your holiday dinner just got easier.

Grocery shopping during the holidays can be hectic, and while ordering online may spare you from the headache of shuffling from one overcrowded and understocked store to the next, it can come with its own issues. Scheduling a delivery can be difficult if you're away at work during the day, making online ordering impossible. Good news for shoppers who can't wait around at home all day—Walmart is extending its holiday delivery hours and adding more delivery windows.

The retailer announced that it is adding two more hours of delivery, making the service available until 10 p.m. local time and that it is adding more slots to accommodate the high demand. Walmart did not announce when hours will return to normal after the holiday season.

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In addition to these changes, America's largest retail chain also says that it is making more items available for delivery. Not only is Walmart making it possible to ship large items such as bicycles and TVs to your home, but it is also expanding the number of stores where you can order alcohol online. You can now get your booze from the retailer for pickup at 3,000 stores and for delivery at 1,500, saving you the additional trip to the liquor store.

"Ultimately, we're giving customers more of what they need – more time, more availability and more items – so they have more time for what they want – more celebration, more joy and more ways to live better," Tom Ward, SVP of Last Mile at Walmart U.S., wrote in the blog post announcing these changes.

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