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Walmart Has Closed This Many Stores After Hurricane Ida

Find out if your local supermarket is closed thanks to this helpful map.

Hurricane Ida made landfall this week on the coast of Lousiana, leaving more than 1 million Americans without power in its deadly wake. Widespread damage from the Category 4 storm also forced businesses to close, including grocery stores like Walmart.

The storm has since been downgraded to a tropical depression as it continues to make its way across the eastern U.S. To help customers living in communities impacted by Ida, Walmart has set up this convenient live map. It outlines which of the retailer's stores are open and closed in an effort to help Americans access food, water, and other household supplies.

The interactive map shows supercenters in blue and neighborhood markets in green. Regular Walmart locations are black, while Sam's Club locations are marked in blue with white brackets. Users can zoom in and out on the map, which shows each of the chain's nearly 5,000 stores and their operating status.

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As of Aug. 31, the "Store Status" map showed more than 40 stores as closed. Eat This, Not That! reached out to Walmart for more information about the closings—and how long it expects stores to be affected. "We're closely monitoring Hurricane Ida impact across the southern U.S., knowing it will affect which of our stores are opened or temporarily closed," the retailers told us in an email.

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