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Walmart Just Debuted These Celeb Cooking Shows Online

Did you know there are now almost 40 episodes available for free online?

Walmart now has 38 free new cooking videos and shows featuring some of your favorite chefs and celebs all on the Walmart Cookshop website.

Of the 22 new videos are more episodes of Veggie Boost with Jamie Oliver and Over the Top with Patti LaBelle, plus Interactive Tasty, and even the Perfect Party with Sofia Vergara and her son Manolo. They join others like Set The Table With The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond), Mystery Basket, and Shortcut Chef. (Related: 100 Easiest Recipes You Can Make.)

Walmart Cookshop "is like watching your favorite food shows but with an easy way to purchase any needed ingredients," the company says on its website. "You control the ingredients, flavors, and outcomes while learning helpful kitchen tips as you watch."

The feature launched in 2018 in a partnership with Eko to "connect with new audiences in innovative ways." It now has almost 40 episodes to choose from with hundreds of customizable experiences. Celebs host and help you cook meals you can then purchase the ingredients for right on Walmart's website via the "Shop featured recipe" link under the video. You can also save your favorite videos to watch back later and perfect the dish.

If you plan to order the ingredients used in your favorite videos, good news! Approximately 3,000 Walmart Locations Now Offer Delivery Service so you won't have to leave home to have what Jamie, Sofia, or The Pioneer Woman are having!

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Amanda McDonald
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