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Walmart Is Launching This Service for Vaccinated Customers

No more worrying about losing that paper card!

Walmart is currently administering COVID-19 vaccinations to thousands of Americans at more than 1,400 locations in 35 states across the country. The retail giant is also partnering with companies to create digital vaccination credentials that you can pull up on your smartphone.

The digital vaccination credentials could be used to access flights, schools, sports areas, and more. Other major companies like the Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, and Oracle are also backing the international push to create similar options, according to The New York Times. (Related: To stay safe against the coronavirus, here is The One Vitamin Doctors Are Urging Everyone to Take Right Now.)

The paper cards in use could easily be lost or damaged, so this solution may be easier for those who get vaccinated to manage. Airlines JetBlue and Lufthansa are already using similar apps to track test results, and experts believe the number of companies that will take advantage of the technology is only going to grow.

"Walmart is the first huge-scale administrator of vaccines that is committing to giving people a secure, verifiable record of their vaccinations," Paul Meyer, the chief executive of the Commons Project Foundation, which is a nonprofit in Switzerland that has developed health passport apps like CommonPass, told The Times. "We think many others will follow."

Walmart was one of the first grocery store chains to begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine after partnering with the government late last year. It's currently offering doses not only at its pharmacies but also in its parking lots and at offsite vaccination events. Before you go to your neighborhood Walmart, read all about what you should eat after getting the vaccine.

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Amanda McDonald
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