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Everyone's Talking About This New "Weed Seltzer"

This cannabis-infused "social tonic" has suddenly found its audience in a big way.

You're probably aware that hard seltzers have been exploding in popularity—White Claw's new turbo version and new, small brands like Island District Company are proof the category is only going to continue to expand. Now, there's also Cann, an edgy new "weed seltzer" that, at first, seems pretty niche, but is suddenly gaining attention from figures like Ellen DeGeneres and Gwyneth Paltrow. With summer—the height of seltzer season—on its way, we've investigated the buzz to deliver the truth about Cann.

The company calls it a "cannabis-infused social tonic" that's positioning itself as an "alcohol alternative." Each drink has 30 calories, eight grams of carbs, and five ingredients: carbonated water, agave nectar, lemon juice, cannabis extract, and natural flavoring (which some Whole Foods customers recently argued can be misleading). No alcohol is in Cann products, but because it contains two milligrams of THC and four milligrams of cannabis, it is only available at dispensaries throughout California, Nevada, and Rhode Island, according to information from the brand. Cann's website also filters its visitors with a "21 or older" block.

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Its six flavors—blood orange cardamom, grapefruit rosemary, lemon lavender, pineapple jalapeño, and ginger lemongrass—come in a petite, eight-ounce can, whereas lemon lavender is available in a Capri Sun-style pouch called "roadies." For select flavors there's also a 12-ounce "hi-boy," which contains a higher level of the cannabis and THC.

A rep for the brand tells us Cann is "perfectly balanced to give you a light buzz, while simultaneously reducing anxiety and nerves and never leaving you with a hangover." However, we should note that not everyone feels less anxiety after consuming THC or cannabis.

Still, we hear that Hollywood is going crazy over Cann's "social tonics." Gwyneth Paltrow, who reportedly invested in the brand, has called Cann an answer to "a powerful trend" which she defines as "the 'sober curious' and 'cannabis curious' movements."

Ellen DeGeneres recently shared in a daytime monologue that she'd inopportunely just downed a can of Cann and a sleep supplement when her wife, Portia de Rossi, needed to be driven to the emergency room. Meanwhile, Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Tove Lo, and NBA player Baron Davis are among the stars who have invested in Cann, while, per DeGeneres's mention, Chelsea Handler is said to have a hand in Cann too.

As far as how it tastes, we tried three flavors of Cann at a recent, small outdoor gathering where one guest was strictly gluten-free. They call to mind a refreshing seltzer water that left no one feeling any differently after sipping. Then again, everyone poured themselves just a small sample.

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