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America's Second Largest Burger Chain Is Opening New Locations Inside Walmart Stores

Who wouldn't want a frosty while they shop?

Wendy's has been around since 1969, but it's currently plotting a massive expansion amid a surge in popularity. The burger slinger plans to open 1,200 new locations by 2025, but not all of these units will be the eat-in restaurants or drive-thrus with which you're familiar.

After McDonald's locations have slowly disappeared from inside of hundreds of Walmart stores over the last decade, other eateries are swooping in to feed hungry shoppers. Now, Wendy's is adding its famous steakburgers to the mix, Supermarket News reports.

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Walmart customers in Heath, Ohio, are now able to order from a Wendy's Hamburger Stand. Though this new format features a limited menu, shoppers have access to exclusive items that they can't find elsewhere.

"If you want to find a Strawberry Frosty, you can only find it today in the in the Hamburger Stand restaurant," CEO Todd Penegor told Supermarket News. "And we've got this unbelievably great Jalapeño Popper Chicken Nugget that in that restaurant that isn't in our freestanding restaurant."

A Wendy's Snack Shop is also set to open later this year at another Walmart store in the Buckeye State. Penegor said the new formats expand access to the company's menu to locations where consumers are already shopping.

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