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The Parent Company of These 3 West Coast Restaurant Chains Has Filed For Bankruptcy

Some of the locations have already shuttered for good.

Grill Concepts, a Los Angeles–based parent company of several locally beloved restaurant chains, has recently filed for bankruptcy. The filing will affect locations of The Daily Grill Restaurant and Bar, Public School gastropubs, and some The Grill on the Alley restaurants.

The filing took place on April 29 and is a result of the devastating effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on dine-in establishments, based on the coverage by The Hollywood Reporter.

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According to a statement issued by the company, the decision to file for bankruptcy was a difficult one, but necessary in the face of the pandemic. "This was a difficult decision, but it is the right path forward for Grill Concepts Inc. A US Chapter 11 filing is designed to serve as the means to a new beginning and preserve the jobs of our team members and that is exactly our intent," the statement read.

The Daily Grill, a chain serving seafood, steaks, salads, and sandwiches, includes 13 restaurants primarily in California, with several others in states like Colorado and Texas. According to the brand's website, four of the restaurants are still waiting to reopen their doors to diners, while two, in San Francisco and Irvine, have shut down permanently during the pandemic. Based on the most recent local reports, the location in Bethesda, Md. has now permanently shut down as well.

The beer-and-food concept Public School has seven locations across California, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada, all of which are open to both large and small groups, according to their website. The school-themed chain, which offers "an education in the art of food and beer" and markets its happy hour as "Recess," was named one of Top 50 emerging restaurant chains by FSR Magazine in 2018.

The bankrupt company also owns four locations of The Grill on the Alley, a renowned steakhouse among Hollywood professionals. However, the two most popular locations in Beverly Hills and Westlake Village, are under different ownership and not affected by the Chapter 11 filing.

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