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America's Fastest-Growing Wing Chain Is Adding a Whole New Section to Its Menu

And it isn't all about wings anymore.

In 2020, Wingstop wasn't only dominating the chicken wing market, but it was also the fastest-growing fast-food chain in America. Thanks to the surging popularity of chicken wings (and all things chicken, really) that has continued on since the pandemic, the chain has been at the forefront of feeding the nation's huge appetite for chicken.

In order to maintain dominance, Wingstop cleverly pivoted into chicken thighs with the recent launch of its delivery-only sister brand Thighstop. As it turns out, the product was as popular as anything else on the chain's core menu, and Wingstop has now decided to add thighs in all of their delicious flavor variations to their main offering.

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According to the company's recent announcement, the thigh brand will now be folded into Wingstop, and while Thighstop will still exist as its own brand on DoorDash, will now redirect customers to Wingstop. There they will find Thighstop's bone-in thighs and boneless, breaded Thigh Bites with the option of 11 different sauces, and will be able to mix and match them with wings and Wingstop's sides.

"When launching Thighstop as a virtual brand, we knew our fans would be excited to try thighs," said Marisa Carona, Wingstop's chief growth officer, in a statement. "The response was overwhelming, and guests wanted to enjoy both their favorite Wingstop wings and new mouthwatering thighs all at once."

The move is a testament to the quick popularity that chicken thighs have been able to garner. Wingstop started testing thighs in select markets in November of last year as prices of wings began to soar due to supply chain issues. The thighs were cooked in Wingstop's existing locations and were available for delivery only.

To celebrate the menu merger, Wingstop is kicking off Thigh Thursdays. During that time, those who order through the chain's app or website can add Thigh Bites to an order for $4.49 or get a Thigh Bites Meal for 2 for $13.99.

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