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The World's Largest Online Retailer Is Dominating With Groceries, Data Shows

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During the pandemic, many of us became reliant on the convenience of having groceries delivered to our doors. Instead of having to mask up and enter a grocery store full of people, we were now able to order our milk or peanut butter from the comfort of our own homes. And even though there are lots of different places to order groceries from to be delivered, everyone's favorite online retailer, Amazon, is now many shoppers' top pick.

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When Amazon bought Whole Foods Market in 2017, we knew it was a big deal for the brand. Now, according to a recent data analysis report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, LLC (CIRP), 'grocery' is the most popular category on the retail site—a title electronics used to hold. "Grocery has displaced electronics as the most popular category at Amazon," says Josh Lowitz, a CIRP partner and co-founder, "with almost a third of customers including grocery in their most recent purchase."

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Within the report the analysts continue to explain that despite the fact that grocery is typically a low-margin business, Amazon has seen large success from the category due to the repeated use of Amazon Prime. Basically, shoppers are finding themselves more frequently adding grocery items to their cart on Amazon, while also making regular trips to Whole Foods.

CIRP also found that more shoppers are joining Amazon Prime as a result of frequent grocery shopping on the site. Those who sign up for the subscription receive free delivery on any Whole Foods Market grocery order made through Amazon over $35. That is likely a benefit that contributed to the increase in Amazon Prime memberships.

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