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The #1 Worst Treat You Can Give Out On Halloween

Unless you're vying for the "worst house on the block" award, don't make this part of your Halloween routine.
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Halloween enthusiasts know that the holiday can be a polarizing one. Each year as October 31 draws closer, friends and family members square off on a long list of hotly debated Halloween issues: Is Jason scarier than Freddy? Is it possible to put up too many Halloween decorations? Is there one Halloween treat to rule them all?

While opinions may differ on which is the best treat to get in your goody bag on Halloween, one thing's for certain: there's a definitive worst.

A new survey from Mashed polled 604 people in the U.S., asking them how they felt about receiving specific non-candy items on Halloween. Read on to see what they said.

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Animal Crackers

Animal crackers

While candy may be preferable to the vast majority of individuals celebrating Halloween, giving out other types of food won't necessarily make your house the least popular one on the block. Among those who responded to the survey, just 3.64% said that they'd be upset to receive animal crackers instead of a piece of candy.




Non-sweet food items were slightly less popular than animal crackers, with 4.14% of respondents admitting they'd be disappointed to get a bag of pretzels.

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Granola Bars

fruit nut granola bar

While granola bars maybe a treat to some, 7.45% said that getting one on Halloween was a bummer.

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An even more unpopular Halloween tradition? Handing out fruit. Among those polled, 13.91% gave a definitive thumbs down to receiving apples. (And, of course, urban legends about the old razor-in-the-apple trick will likely have a fair amount of that fruit heading for the trash can, anyway.) Save your apples for a fall treat, here's out list of The Best Apples to Use for Every Fall Dessert.



golden raisins in bowl

23.68% said "no thanks" to boxes of raisins. In case you're wondering, here's What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Raisins.



a bunch of orange toothbrushes wrapped in plastic
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But the very worst, most disappointing, most truly horrible thing you can give out on Halloween isn't food at all. A whopping 47.17% of respondents to Mashed's survey said that there's absolutely nothing worse than receiving a toothbrush on Halloween.

So, unless you want that once-steady stream of trick-or-treaters to dwindle to a trickle by next year, maybe save those oral hygiene supplies for yourself, or give them out in addition to some hefty bags of candy.

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