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These People Are Now Major COVID Spreaders, CDC Says

“Young people” are responsible for much of the spread, and bars can be superspreader events.
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Coronavirus cases are going up—at a seven day average of 64,000 a day, with hospitalizations and deaths also rising—and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, says one group is "predominantly" responsible for the rise. Furthermore, a new CDC study says one place you've possibly gone to, or thought about going to, has now been proven to be a possible location for superspreading COVID-19. Read the next five slides for Walensky's full warning about who's spreading COVID the most, and where you might catch it—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Signs Your Illness is Actually Coronavirus in Disguise.


CDC Chief Said "Young Adults" are Spreading COVID-19

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"As the trends and data have been indicating cases are increasing nationally, and we are seeing this occur predominantly in younger adults," she said. "This is why you've heard me so clearly share my concern. We know that these increases are due in part to more highly transmissible variants, which we are very closely monitoring. And as more schools are reopening, it's even more important to make sure they do so safely with strict adherence to CDC guidance and for all of us to roll up our sleeves for a vaccine as soon as we can. We are learning that many outbreaks in young people are related to youth sports and extracurricular activities. According to CDC guidance, these activities should be limited, but if they are not, the risks of clusters can be purveyed once can be prevented with cadence testing strategies as are being rolled out in so many different places." Read on to see what else puts you at risk.


CDC Chief Said The Country is Facing "Concerning Data Trends"

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Walensky warned of some "concerning data trends." "The seven day average of new cases is about 64,000 cases per day. This is approximately 7% compared to the prior seven day period. Hospital admissions have also increased—the most recent seven day trend average is about 4,970 admissions per day, up about 3% from the previous seven-day period. Deaths have decreased to an average of approximately 800 per day. Importantly, we are now entering our fourth week of increased trends in cases."


Dr. Walensky Said We're in a Race Between the Virus and the Vaccines

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"While we are watching these increasing case counts with concern, the good news is that millions of Americans are stepping up every day to get vaccinated." She said, "CDC reported that over 4 million doses of vaccine had been administered in 24 hours to date more than 106 million people have received at least one dose and more than 61.4 million or 18.5% are fully vaccinated."


Dr. Walensky Mentioned a Bar That Led to 46 People Getting COVID-19

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The CDC also reported that one bar led to "46 COVID-19 cases—of those 26 were patrons. Three were bar staff. Seventeen secondary cases occurred among contacts of people who attended the opening and got COVID-19. Twelve were household contacts, three were long-term care, facility contacts, and two were school related contacts," she said. "As we work to get more people vaccinated," said Walensky, "and as community businesses begin to reopen, these findings underscore the vast impact of a single event affecting communities, schools, families, and fragile elderly, and it emphasizes the impressive transmissibility of this virus and the continued need for layered prevention strategies, including reducing the number of people in doors, improving building ventilation and noodles, utilizing outdoor spaces."

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Dr. Walensky Said Continue to Wear Your Mask and Get Vaccinated "ASAP"

Our batting average ranked from last month but that's the reality

"I understand that people are tired and that they are ready for this pandemic to be over as am I," said Walensky. "Please continue to hang in there and to continue to do the things that we know prevent the spread of the virus. If we all continue to wear a well-fitting mask, physically distance and get vaccinated, America can, and will, get out of this pandemic. We can meet this moment. If we keep doing our part, everyone working together, getting vaccinated as soon as possible, is how we can turn the corner." So get vaccinated when it becomes available to you, and to protect your life and the lives of others, don't visit any of these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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