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Insider Warns: We're 3 Weeks Away from No Pork at Grocery Stores

Serious concerns over meat shortage due to coronavirus shutting down processing plants.

The coronavirus outbreak is dangerously threatening America's food supply and a Minnesota congressman is warning that we might be only three weeks away from no more pork in our grocery store. That's right, no more bacon, ham, or pork chops in your grocers' meat case by May 21.

Rep. Collin Peterson sounded the alarm in a joint press conference with Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz at a recently shuttered pork plant in which roughly 500 employees have tested positive for COVID-19.  Approximately 20 meat processing plants have recently been forced to shut down due to the spread of the deadly contagion, which has led to multiple warnings from industry experts.

A Sioux Falls pork processing plant shuttered earlier this month, leading the nation's largest pork supplier Smithfield Foods to sound an alarm. And the CEO of Tyson Foods recently placed a full-page ad warning about the perilous position the United States finds itself regarding our food supply.

It is in this context that Rep. Peterson warned his constituents. The Minnesota Congressman is not just a politico looking for attention, he has some expertise on this issue as he chairs of the House Committee on Agriculture. "I think it's probably hard for somebody that thinks their food comes from the grocery store. That's a big problem, not only with hogs but everything else in this country. Unfortunately, if we don't get this thing solved, people are going to find out," Rep. Peterson said.

"We're about three weeks away from not having pork on the shelves in the grocery store. Maybe that will wake people up," he added "This is a bigger issue than just whether we're going to go hungry or not, it's a national security issue. The United States has got to have a food supply we can depend on for national security. If people don't have food, we're going to have riots."

Multiple reports have hundreds of thousands of pigs and chickens being "depopulated" (or euthanized) due to serious kings in the food supply chain that has come from the coronavirus. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is the shuttering of restaurants, schools, hotels as part of the stay at home guidelines that appear to effectively abate the outbreak, but also causing a dangerous imbalance of supply and demand.

So buy your slabs of bacon now, for, in three weeks, it may no longer be available at your local grocer.

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