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The Official "Friends" Cookbook is Coming Out This Year

Could we BE anymore excited?! This may be the best news of your Memorial Day weekend.
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If you're quickly running out of new recipes to make during quarantine, your six favorite Friends have got you covered. That's right, a new cookbook featuring the iconic recipes made throughout the show's ten seasons are coming together for all those Friends fans who wished they could've tried Phoebe's grandmother's cookies.

On September 22 (the show's 26th anniversary), Friends: The Official Cookbook will debut. Author Chef Amanda Yee has packed the cookbook with over 90 recipes that the gang made in Apartment 20—including everything from appetizers to main dishes, drinks and desserts inspired by your favorite sitcom.

Luckily, the cookbook also features recipes for all culinary skill-levels, so whether you navigate a kitchen like Monica Geller or Joey Tribbiani, there's something in it for you to make.

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Some of the true gems from the show that the cookbook features are Monica's Friendsgiving feast, Rachel's trifle (if you actually want to try the horror that is the custard and beef combo), Chandler's "Milk You Can Chew," Ross's "Moist Maker" turkey sandwich, and of course, Phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe from the acclaimed chef, Nestle Toulouse.

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What we really want to know though, is if the cookbook has the recipe for those candies Monica makes for her neighbors for the holidays. You know, the ones that taste like "little drops of heaven"? That's definitely a recipe we need in our lives!

So, even though we might not know when the HBO Max Friend's Reunion Special is going to be shot and aired amid this pandemic, it's comforting to know we have some specialty Friends content coming our way soon in cookbook form. You can even preorder it now on Amazon.

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