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This Salmonella Outbreak Has Officially Expanded to 47 States

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to check the onions you bought!

Back in July, a Salmonella outbreak infected over 100 people in 15 different states. Health officials didn't know its origin until early August when the illnesses were linked to all colors of onions sold at multiple grocery stores in all 50 states.

Now the CDC says the outbreak is bigger than previously reported and cases have reached 1,012 across 47 states. There are no deaths but 136 hospitalizations. The only three states with no reported cases are Vermont, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The states with the most reported cases are Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

Officials believe the Salmonella outbreak started with red onions. But because of the way the crop is grown, other colors like white, yellow, and sweet yellow are also affected. Of the total number of cases, 57% are women. However, the outbreak has been reported in people aged 1 to 102.

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If you bought onions from Kroger, Trader Joe's, Walmart, Publix, Food Lion, and or another chain anytime between May and July, it's best to check where they came from. The onions are said to have been distributed to the grocery stores by Thomson International, Inc. If you aren't sure if your onions came from that company, it's safest to throw them away.

The recall includes products made with the onions, too. Dips, spreads, salads, salsas, and other foods also pose a risk of Salmonella infection. The symptoms can appear six hours to six days after exposure and include diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps.

To reduce your risk of a Salmonella infection, dispose of any onions and products made with onions of unknown origin. Then clean and disinfect the surfaces the onions have touched. If you believe you have an infection, call your doctor and write down what you ate within the last week.

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