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Paris Hilton Plots Her Return to the Limelight With a Brand-New Cooking Show

Learn the heiress' secret hack for "amazing" lasagna.

Not long ago, Paris Hilton ruled the world.

For a good chunk of the 2000s, she was on seemingly every red carpet and fashion week runway. She appeared on the covers of glossy magazines and in the pages of lurid tabloids. She starred in a wildly successful reality show (The Simple Life) and a spat of less successful spinoffs (including My New BFF) and guest-starred in everything from The O.C. to Saturday Night Live. She also launched a clothing line, a footwear line, a fragrance line, a beauty line, and a jewelry line, and released an album (Paris) that, defying every known rule of logic in the universe, cracked the top ten of the Billboard 200. There was even a World of Warcraft character inspired by her (Haris Pilton).

In short, Hilton was everywhere—and then she kinda just…disappeared. (No, those DJ stints in Ibiza don't count.)

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Well, now she's back, and she's gunning for the limelight with a brand-new cooking show. The program, which premiered on YouTube earlier this week, is called Cooking With Paris and is exactly what it sounds like: Paris Hilton cooking stuff, saying "amazing" roughly once every six words.

The first episode opens with Hilton walking into a cavernous kitchen (presumably hers). "As you all know—Well, maybe not all of you know… People that do know know that I am an amazing cook," she says, holding her tiny dog, Diamond Baby. From there, she walks viewers through her family's recipe for "amazing" lasagna.

For the most part, the lasagna recipe appears fairly standard. And by any metric, the result really does look "amazing"—the sauce seems suitably saucy, the cheese appropriately cheesy.

But the hospitality heiress offered up an unexpected twist (one that, to be fair, she didn't execute in the video). Rather than using boxed lasagne noodles that require steaming before cooking, pick up a box of so-called "no boil" lasagna noodles.

"You just literally put them in the oven. You don't even have to steam them or anything," she says. "And it tastes amazing."

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