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The Surprising Thing No One Wants to Do at The Grocery Store Anymore

This wasn't an issue before COVID-19...

Grocery shopping at the beginning of 2020 in comparison to the end of 2020 is very different. Many things customers used to be able to do with no problem are now considered unsafe. Some of those might have been what many consider to be their favorite parts of shopping at the supermarket.

Mask requirements, contactless payments, and even empty shelves aren't normal or necessarily enjoyable. However, the one thing people dislike the most while shopping now is actually pretty surprising!

Although the average time people spend in the grocery store had been going up in the past 20 years, now people want to spend less time inside and want to take fewer trips, according to The Hill.

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"One thing we're seeing across all retailers is less trips," says the former co-CEO of Whole Foods Markets Walter Robb. "There's much less of a value in merchandising, etcetera, because folks want to get in and get out."

Although people used to spend around 40 minutes inside the store per trip, many are now using time at home and away from others to shop online. While there is no evidence the virus spreads through food or surfaces, it does travel through the air. So being in an enclosed space for an extended amount of time is still risky.

With no carts to disinfect, arrows to follow, or social distancing to keep in mind, going through virtual aisles to shop online is gaining more popularity in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Walmart now accepts grocery orders via email. Target is offering curbside pickup for online grocery orders. Whole Foods recently announced a fully permanent online grocery store will open in Brooklyn, New York. The sole purpose of the location is to fulfill virtual orders, so no one will be able to come in and browse.

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