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How Pippa Middleton Stays Slim

For newlywed Pippa Middleton, maintaining her toned physique is all about staying active and enjoying everything in moderation. And yes, that includes chocolate!

After coming into the spotlight at her sister's royal wedding, Pippa Middleton is now getting raves for her own. Her wedding to financier James Matthews showed off her flawless fashion sense and stunning figure—attributes that have kept her the staple of gossip mags everywhere.

She attributes the latter to a balanced diet and active lifestyle—and we mean active. The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister is not one to turn down a fitness challenge, having completed the Otillo Swim-Run Championship and the 33-mile Birkebeiner cross-country ski race in Norway. While we might not all be ready to brave the slopes, some of her stay-trim tips may just help you finally ditch that excess belly fat!

The British socialite stays fit and energized by making healthy choices on the daily. "I try to eat whole grain, energy-fuelled carbohydrates, and three meals a day," she said in one interview. This means she keeps refined carbs such as candy, cookies, white bread, and traditional pasta to a minimum and instead opts for more nutritious starches like oatmeal, quinoa, whole grain noodles, and Ezekiel bread.

Pippa Middleton

And though Middleton makes a conscious effort to eat a clean diet, she isn't overly restrictive. "I grew up with the belief that good health is about moderation in all things. So I'll be celebrating healthy living through exercise, a balanced diet and a little of the naughty stuff sprinkled in—I'm talking chocolate, crisps, and the occasional glass of wine," she wrote in her Waitrose Weekend Mind & Body column. This, combined with three to five exercise sessions per week (she's partial to half-hour runs and vigorous games of tennis), keeps her body lean and toned.

When she's preparing for a race, however, she does tend to be more mindful of her diet; this is when she focuses on cutting the junk and upping her calories with healthy carbs like brown rice, lentils, quinoa and sweet potatoes. "I don't get fussy, though, because I enjoy food too much. But, a week or so before an event, I'm quite conscious of eating really nutritious foods to store energy and I cut out alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods," said the 33-year-old.

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If you ask us, her methods seem to be working wonders! Besides having a killer bod, Pippa excels in her athletic endeavors. She finished her one cross country ski race in a respectable 5 hours and 58 minutes. You go, girl!