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Popeye's is the First Fast-Food Chain to Serve This Southern Dessert

Enjoy New Orleans-style pastries whenever you have a craving—no plane ticket required!

Popeyes may be known as the top fast-food chain for ordering a fried chicken sandwich, but the widely popular menu item may soon see its star fade due to some sweet competition.

New Orleans-style Chocolate Beignets are now on the menu at every Popeyes location nationwide after a test run earlier this year, the company tells Eat This, Not That!. (But are beignets a dessert you can easily cook on your own at home? Check out our list of the 100 Easiest Recipes You Can Make.)

These deep-fried, square pastries are stuffed with melted Hershey's chocolate and covered in powdered sugar. Anyone who has visited Louisiana before knows that you shouldn't eat beignets while wearing dark clothing … unless you're comfortable with putting your mess on display. That's why the fast-food chain simultaneously launched black "Beignet Camo" sweatshirts online for $35.

Popeyes Chocolate Beignets
Courtesy of Popeyes

"Being a brand from New Orleans, Popeyes® knows a thing or two about beignets, and one thing's for certain–they can be MESSY!" the company says. "The black hoodies will feature white splatters, so you don't have to worry when the powdered sugar falls onto your clothes."

Sharing or at least sticking to the three-piece option for only $1.99 is the best way to enjoy this soul-food treat. Since the pastries are fried and sugar-coated, you may want to check out the nutrition facts before you indulge. It's only on the menu for a limited time, so head to Popeyes soon if chocolate overflowing out of sweet dough is your thing.

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Amanda McDonald
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