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These Popular Cheese and Snack Items Sold Nationwide are Being Recalled

Dozens of cheese dips and salsas are being recalled due to potential secondary Salmonella contamination.

Unfortunately, the Salmonella outbreak that tainted a large crop of onions and sickened close to 900 people this summer is still very much ongoing.

After food producer Thomson International recalled several types of onions on July 31, nationwide grocery chains, like Trader Joe's, pulled the produce from their shelves. However, some secondary products are now also being recalled due to the fact that they may contain said onions.

Kroger, Fred Meyer, Fry's Food, and Smith's are among the grocery chains that are recalling dozens of cheese dips that have been sold at their stores between May 15 and as recently as August 6.

After grocers learned of the wide onion recall by Thomson International, they found that several of their store-brand and store-made cheese dips could have these onions as an ingredient, and are therefore potentially contaminated with Salmonella too. Most notably, the recalled products include Murray's, Jarslberg, and deli cheese dips and spreads.

Another beloved snack item that could potentially contain contaminated onions is salsa. The product in question has been sold at various grocery locations in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington and was packaged by Spokane Produce. Affected products are sold under the Saddlin' Up! brand and come in 15-ounce plastic tubs and institutional-sized one-gallon plastic containers.

So far, there have been no reported cases of illness due to these secondary products, but consumers are advised to discard any cheese dips and salsas they think could be affected by this recall. For a full list of recalled products, check the FDA's website.

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Mura Dominko
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