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The One Food Item People Can't Stop Buying In The Grocery Store

Sales have skyrocketed since last year, and the reasoning behind it makes sense.

Even though some restaurants are opening up their doors across the country, it seems people still have a huge interest in cooking at home. Well, sort of. While customers continue to stock up on food at the grocery store during the coronavirus pandemic, it seems there is one type of popular grocery item that customers are heavily interested in purchasing, and that's frozen food products.

Over the past few weeks, the sales of frozen food have skyrocketed compared to year-over-year sales. According to Nielsen data, there's been a 40.2 percent increase in sales coming from the frozen food aisles of the grocery store. Nielsen focused on 11 weeks of sales ending on May 16, 2020, seeing sales skyrocket to $15.5 billion. In April alone, frozen food sales were up 195 percent from the previous year.

Given that the world is craving more comfort foods in quarantine, it makes sense that people are stocking their freezers with their favorite nostalgic TV dinners. Frozen food also lasts longer, making it possible to stock up on food for weeks at a time.

While the intention of buying more frozen foods is to stock up for longer, buying frozen food could be a beneficial way to get more animal protein products during the meat shortage. With numerous meat-processing companies closed from coronavirus outbreaks and the prices of meat skyrocketing, customers have been left to find other protein alternatives instead of facing the high prices of meat. Unless, of course, there are a few frozen dinners with protein that remain the same price for the time being.

The rise in frozen food prices can also be due to consumer's increased interest in snacking at home. According to The Washington Post, major processed food companies are seeing increased sales during the pandemic, showing America's tendency to want to snack during such a trying time. This includes numerous snacks in the frozen food aisle, like mini pizza bites, frozen waffles, chicken wings, and much more.

Lastly, with summer right around the corner, it's likely that people want to spend less time cooking indoors. This means simple, convenient frozen meals that can easily be popped into the oven or microwave may be a go-to cooking method.

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Kiersten Hickman
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