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This Hugely Popular Soda Brand May Be Adding a New, Permanent Flavor

These rumors are looking promising!

Looks like Mountain Dew may have another soda on their lineup! According to a leaked post on Reddit, rumors suggest Mountain Dew will be releasing a new flavor in January 2021. The new flavor is a Watermelon Dew, which sports a hot pink color for the drink. The image leaked suggests that there will be a regular as well as a zero-sugar option of this new pink Watermelon flavor, with the title Major Melon Dew.

Although Mountain Dew has not made an official announcement about this drink, the two images posted on Reddit do look like official designs from the company. Only time will tell if Mountain Dew will officially be releasing the flavor in January to join the permanent lineup of seven other flavors.

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moutain dew watermelon

As of right now, Mountain Dew's flavors include Code Red, Lemon Lime, Live Wire, Voltage, White Out, Pitch Black, and a Diet Code Red. Mountain Dew also has its popular Voo-Dew flavor for a limited time only. The Watermelon Dew will join this particular lineup.

The Zero Sugar Mountain Dew became well-known thanks to a comical Super Bowl commercial that aired during Superbowl LIV in February 2020. The commercial stars Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross with a riff on thriller films.

Although Mountain Dew is loaded with sugar (and considered one of the most toxic sodas of all time), the Zero Sugar does cut down the calorie count significantly. If the Major Melon Zero Sugar is anything like the original, the calorie count will also be low.

We'll keep our eyes peeled if Mountain Dew is officially releasing a Watermelon flavor. But for now, be sure to check out our list of 15 Discontinued Sodas Everyone Used to Drink. And stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter.

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