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This Peanut Sauce Is Being Recalled in Texas Grocery Stores

Bottles sold at H-E-B were mislabeled and could contain peanuts!

There is another food recall to keep in mind as you grocery shop next. Along with onions, noodles, frozen shrimp, peaches, and even Progresso Chicken Soup, avoid Pretty Thai Sweet Chili Sauce and Peanut Sauce.

The FDA announced the recall because bottles of the Peanut Sauce could be mislabeled as the Sweet Chili Sauce. Because of the error, someone with a peanut allergy or sensitivity could consume the sauce without knowing it contains allergens. The recalled sauce was sold in H-E-B and Central Market locations in the same state between March 19 and September 8, 2020.

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According to the recall announcement, a few bottles containing peanuts were mistakenly labeled as Sweet Chili Sauce. The error happened when there was a breakdown in the production and packaging process.

The Lot Code for the recalled bottles is 0772000123. The bottles are clear — making it easier to spot a potential faulty sauce. The Sweet Chili sauce is a deep red while the other is a yellow/gold color. Despite the logo mistake, both sauces pose no threat if someone without an allergy or sensitivity eats them. However, if someone who is allergic unknowingly consumes the Peanut Sauce, it could cause a serious reaction.

"Pretty Thai and its manufacturer, Ponder Foods, have coordinated efforts with H-E-B to remove all of the affected product from the shelves and from distribution," the FDA says. "For consumers with no peanut allergy, this Lot Code of Pretty Thai Peanut Sauce, as well as any Lot Code of Pretty Thai Sweet Chili Sauce are completely safe to consume."

If you have a bottle in your pantry, return it to H-E-B or Central Market in Texas for a full refund.

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