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The Royal Children Love Eating Vegetables—And You Won't Believe What Their Favorites Are

Of course they have sophisticated palates.

Everything's easier when you're royalty—including getting your kids to eat their veggies, apparently.

Last night, after much anticipation, A Berry Royal Christmas, the holiday special starring Kate Middleton and Mary Berry, aired on the BBC. As with all things involving the royal family, viewers scrutinized every second for juicy details. Access Hollywood made a big deal about Middleton "shrugging off" her husband's PDA. The Daily Mail reported about fans who were up in arms over a perceived innuendo. (We'll spare you the specific text, but know that it involves cake and frosting.) Some folks even tried to poke fun at the fact that Prince William was bold enough to make a bald joke. ("There's not much here to dye," he said during the special.)

But hidden amid all of the gossip over Will and Kate was a true bombshell about two of their children, Louis and Charlotte: The royal kids not only willingly eat their vegetables, but they "love" doing so.

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"We grow our own vegetables," Middleton told Berry. "We've got carrots, beans, beetroot—a massive favorite. Louis [19 months old] absolutely loves beetroot." To that end, A Berry Royal Christmas included a recipe for beetroot-and-chocolate cake. And yes, beetroot is what Americans simply call beets, so Louis has quite a sophisticated palate for a 19-month-old!

While a beet and chocolate cake isn't as healthy as a serving of the fresh veggie, we know sneaking veggies into the foods your kids really like is sometimes the only way to get them to eat them (Think about it: how much more into broccoli would your kids be if broccoli was put into their favorite foods, like mac-and-cheese or a pizza crust?)

As far as Charlotte, 4, her favorite veggie is a no-brainer: Charlotte potatoes. (The princess is reportedly named after that particular varietal.)

Middleton didn't share any details about whether or not Prince George, 6, likes veggies, too.

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