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3 Expert Tips to Make It Through Resolution Quit Day

Is your weight loss resolution enthusiasm starting to fade? Don’t throw in the towel just yet! We’ve got easy strategies to help you stay on track.
3 Expert Tips to Make It Through Resolution Quit Day

Throughout the years, lots of rad things have happened on February 9th. In 1773, President William Henry Harrison was born, and in 1922, the U.S. Congress established the World War Foreign Debt Commission. This year, however, on the ninth day of the second month of the year, Gold’s Gym predicts that your New Year’s Resolution will die. Yes, we said die.

After combing through membership check-in data, the folks at Gold’s discovered that February 9th, a day which they’ve dubbed the Fitness Cliff, will be the day that fitness newbies trade in their sneakers and spandex for a box of donuts and the television clicker. It kinda makes us wonder if Mark Langowski, celeb trainer and author of Eat This, Not That! For Abs, is a secret genius for releasing his six-week plan right before the new year; you wouldn’t quit now with just a couple more days to go, right?! Regardless, it’s kinda empowering to know that today is the day we’re expected to quit; a little reverse psychology can go a long way sometimes!

With the help of our three expert tips below, you can avoid the Fitness Cliff…even if it feels like you’re just barely holding on.

1. Get Schooled
Dreading your next run on the treadmill? We hear ya; cardio machines can be a total snooze cruise. To get yourself excited about working out again, join an exercise class. Not only is it more engaging than sweating it out solo, you’re more likely to show up once you’ve taken the time to pay and sign up for a yoga or boxing class. Prefer to pop into a free class that comes with your gym membership? Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert Jamie Eason-Middleton says that “the camaraderie you develop with your classmates should be enough to keep you coming back for more!” And for even more ways to stay excited about your weight loss goals, check out these 40 Tips for Motivation That Actually Work!

2. Freshen’ Up Your Beats
Lame music usually equates to a lame workout, says Eason-Middleton. “Find new tracks or swap playlists with friends. You’ll get in a better workout if you listen to high-energy music that you genuinely like. Associating your workouts with fun music or escapism will also lower the odds your skip your session.” For more ways to amp up your fitness routine and whittle your middle, check out these 28 Ways to Get Skinny from Weight Loss Experts.

3. Plan & Reward
To help you stick to your workouts, sit down at the beginning of each week and pencil in your sweat sessions, then stick to them as you would any important appointment. Set realistic expectations, then reward yourself with something healthy—like a new reusable water bottle, a fancy workout top, or a new pair of running shoes—if you hit your goal. And bonus: “When you treat yourself to new and expensive workout gear, you won’t want it to go to waste, which will make you more apt to get off the couch and use it,” explains Eason-Middleton. That’s what we like to call a win-win!


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