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The One Restaurant Food Americans are Desperate to Eat Again

A survey shows which food people are craving in quarantine the most.

After months of being told to stay at home in order to slow the spread of coronavirus, it seems that restaurant-goers have been craving one food in particular. According to a survey of 4,000 consumers collected by Datassential, it seems that hungry consumers are missing Mexican cuisine the most in quarantine.

In their report, it states that 36% of their survey respondents say they are missing Mexican cuisine the most while in quarantine, and they are looking forward to having it again soon. Other foods that customers crave include seafood, pizza, Italian food, and Asian cuisine.

Even though many restaurants are able to stay in business because of takeout and delivery services, not all of your favorite eateries are probably open at this time—meaning your options are limited. While some customers may be able to order from their favorite Mexican eateries, there are probably quite a few that are still craving and missing their favorite enchilada platters and smothered burritos. Not to mention the freshly made guacamole, which yes, is probably one of the things you may never see at Mexican restaurants again.

Now as restaurants start to open back up, it may be some time before you can enjoy endless bowls of chips and salsa at a table with your friends. With so many CDC guidelines on social distancing within restaurants, it could be a while before your dining experience is back to normal. You may find yourself enjoying those quesadillas outside, because that's the safest (and lowest-risk) way to eat at restaurants right now, according to the CDC.

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If you're one of the many who can't get their hands on some authentic Mexican cuisine, why not try making some of these favorite dishes at home? It's surprisingly easy to make your own tortillas, salsa, and yes, even guacamole. Or you can dive right in and try making one of these 51 Mexican Recipes.

But don't worry, we're pretty sure you'll be dining in your favorite Mexican restaurants soon, enjoying all the tacos to your heart's content.

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