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Restaurants are Using This Tactic to Make You Order More Food

One sneaky way restaurants are keeping in contact with you.

Delivery apps, takeout, mobile ordering, and more are all popular because of the pandemic and safety restrictions. Some eateries are at odds with delivery apps because of extra fees they are charged and higher totals customers have to pay. Many places are opening their dining rooms again (even restaurants at Disney World!), but cases across the country continue to rise.

But there's one way restaurants are working to be in contact with you more often. Just check your email inbox!

Newsletters are an easy way restaurants can contact customers that other ways — think social media like Instagram and Facebook — can't. The targeted audience has most likely ordered from the restaurant before, and emails go straight to them.

One restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, called Glasserie, sends emails to their subscribers more during the pandemic than ever. Owner Sarah Conklin says they used to send a newsletter a few times a year to 23,000 people signed up. Recently, though, they send up to five emails a week highlighting special offers and favorite dishes. "We drove a lot of people crazy but we also found a lot of our core people," Conklin told the New York Times.

Glasserie fans on the email list knew right away about the return of a customer favorite, griddle bread, and other seasonal menu staples. The restaurant briefly toyed with delivery apps, but Conklin says that 95% of their sales are coming right from their website.

In a survey conducted by Influence Central, 87% of respondents said they are getting their food directly from restaurants in order to financially support them. Glasserie's technique of email blasts is another way they can be in direct contact with their customers.

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